Welcome to my site! I wanted to have this website as a way to share with all of my fans the projects I've been involved with and the exciting things that I'm working on. I also wanted to have a place where I could include my fans in all of the things I'm interested in that are important to me which affect us all (check out the "Changing the Word" section).

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to act. When I was about eight, I asked my parents to help me find an agent to find work (I don’t even know how I knew that an agent was what I needed!) We found a local talent agency in Denver called the Big Fish Talent Agency and I started to book work doing some newspaper press and small commecials. I also joined an acting class called Hollywood Showcase Denver. This was an intensive six week acting course which invites agents and managers from Los Angeles to the final workshop to scout potential clients. That's where my first agent and manager found me and then it all took off from there! About three weeks later, I turned my parents' lives upside down as we ventured out to LA to experience our first pilot season (which is when all of the new television shows start casting.) I would do homeschooling in the morning and audition in the afternoon. Then, I booked my very first job in LA…a McDonalds commercial! I had never been so excited in my life!

The next time I came out to LA, one of the first auditions I had was for a movie called "Because of Winn Dixie." After three months going through the process, which included three auditions and a screen test, I had booked my first starring role in a major motion picture!! I was officially hooked.

Since then, I have been so blessed with amazing roles and incredible experiences. I have been fortunate to have worked with some truly special people and to have been able to travel all over the world.

I hope you get to know me better by travelling through my website and get to share my experiences through my stories and pictures. I can't wait to keep the adventures coming your way.